Five Sussex Art Fairs Re-Exhibitors. (by Oliver Norris)

There will be over 100 independent artists exhibiting with Sussex Art Fairs in October, many of them re-exhibiting after a successful Sussex Art Fairs (West) at Goodwood Racecourse in May 2019. I’ve selected five of my favourite re-exhibiting artists to highlight the diversity of styles and genres that we are proud to be exhibiting plus give our visitors a sneak peak at some of the most investible art on show with us, whether you are a seasoned collector or a budding first timer!

Tickets to Sussex Art Fairs (East) 11-13 October 2019 are available HERE and also on EVENTBRITE

Martin Turner
Talented Art Fair’s Artist of the Year 2018, Martin Turner is an art collector’s favourite as his work continues to rise in value and popularity. Monochrome pencil drawings show a phenomenal amount of skill and patience as some of his masterpieces can take over 100 hours to complete. We advise any serious art collectors to visit Martin’s stand as early as possible as this artist is likely to continue to break records and possibly sell out!

Fiona Pearce
Another fantastic artist who’s warm personality shines through her glowing paintings, Fiona Pearce creates with a number of items including fingers, credit cards and sometimes the occasional paint brush! Fiona’s paintings of tall trees with the orange and red sunset light shinning through are unsurprisingly extremely popular with our art collectors.

Jody Craddock
Having sold very well at Goodwood, we were thrilled when professional artist Jody Craddock announced that he will be exhibiting with again at Brighton this year.  As we loved Jody’s paintings as much as our art collectors did, we featured one of his Roman/Greek styled statue paintings on our Sussex Art fairs (East) poster for this year’s promotion which can be seen in our Sussex counties and London marketing campaign.

Clinton Banbury
We first came across Clinton Banbury’s work at Contemporary Art Fair’s Surrey edition in 2018 and were immediately drawn to his artworks which were a marriage of original design and fluid paintings. Whether it’s one of his herd of buffalo paintings or his cleverly painted fish creations, Clinton’s work is highly collectable and we expect him to continue his success at Sussex Art Fairs (East).

Deborah Waters
To be a successful artist in today’s bustling art scene it helps to have a friendly persona to accompany paintings which warm the soul. Whether you like cats or dogs (or both!) or wildlife in general, then you are going to love Deborah’s animal portraits, which combine painting with her trademark glass rhinestones to give them a unique sparkle.

Tickets to Sussex Art Fairs (East) 11-13 October 2019 are available HERE and also on EVENTBRITE